What is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)?

Among the wide selection of health care careers lies the area of direct care giving. These professionals are often classified as Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Nurses Aides, Patient Care Technicians, and several other titles, depending on the work environment and the State where you reside. 

Why Become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)?

Certified Nursing Assistants play a major role in providing the most basic needs for patients young and old alike, whether in a nursing home, hospital, adult day health centers, assisted living facilities, or in personal homes. Students will learn how to work closely with patients and provide assistance with daily living tasks.

If you want to try out the basics of nursing before you commit yourself to two or more years of school, consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). As a certified nursing assistant you will handle the day-to-day care of a patient in a hospital, in an assisted-living facility as a patient care technician, or at a patient's home as a home-health aide. 

A certified nursing assistant's top priority is to support the physical, psychological and emotional daily-care needs of a patient. CNAs work under the supervision of nursing and medical staff. While much of the work—bathing, dressing, feeding, recording life signs—isn't as luxurious as other positions, it is the position that often makes the greatest impact on the patient because CNA's often have the most patient contact. Home health aides have a particularly important role in patients’ lives as they provide care for elderly, disabled, or convalescent persons in their own homes.

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